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Introduction to Online Training

Posted on April 10 2016

“The best coach is the one that does everything in their power to help you become successful”

What is Online Personal Training? It is fast becoming a really popular service! An online personal trainer will work with you to achieve your health and fitness goals – virtually. Most will offer you nutrition programmes with communication and support throughout. Yet there's one important thing that online trainers lack: physical contact. There are limitations to Online Training, for example checking form, provide real time motivation and prevent injury—Therefore I compensate through constant communication via email, social media and skype calls! I personally believe the biggest advantage lies in both the affordability and flexibility.

Here is my list of positives towards Online Training…

  1. Access to expert advice: Many fitness professionals are already offering online versions of their training services. This is great for the customer, because it provides instant access to highly skilled professionals from all over the world.

A good reputation goes a long way in the fitness community! And it's not just the big names you can seek out: online training also gives you access to specialists in specific areas. Rather than be limited to the knowledge base of the trainers at your local gym, you can call upon the advanced understanding of people from all over the world.

  1. Easily Accessible: Social media has made our digital world extremely connected and you can learn a lot about a potential online trainer long before you make first contact. Start by reading their client reviews, look at their mentions on social media, articles and blogs. You will soon get a feel for whether they are the type of individual you would be comfortable working with and if they are keeping up to date with the industry in general.
  2. More affordable: An outstanding Personal Trainer can charge up to £150 in the UK. When their reputation grows, they tend to get busy very quickly and therefore due to high demand, they increase their prices. Many of these same trainers will be able to provide a month-long training plan for the same cost as an hour session with them!
  3. Freedom of location and time: Having an online personal trainer deliver a workout program to you electronically means that you can access your workout on your mobile devices at any time and in any location, which is great for those that travel frequently or do not want to be restricted by gym opening times.
  4. On-going support and motivation: Many online trainers provide comprehensive online support in the form of answers to emails, dietary guidelines and the ability to have your weekly food journal assessed. With these perks built into the initial upfront costs you are guaranteed personal attention throughout your customer experience. Unfortunately, many trainers are reluctant to have much contact outside of one-to-one sessions, which unfortunately you won't find out until you've invested a lot of your time and money.

Have you found any other positives? Let me know!

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