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Paleo Snacks - Egg Muffins

Posted on 15 February 2015

Being from a CrossFit background, I try my best to follow the Paleo style of eating (and when I say try, I mean I am human and do not like restricting myself from the finer things in life!). As much as I try to live on a natural diet, I am partial to the odd glass of wine or a few squares of chocolate. Allowing myself the odd treat generally keeps me on track.

The Paleo style of eating is based around a caveman approach, natural unprocessed food that can be 'hunted or gathered'.
This means food that are rich in fish, meat, vegetables, nuts, protein and fats such as coconut oil. Being that it's unprocessed food, preparation is definitely key to success with following a plan such as this!

My job is fairly demanding and I spend a lot of time on the road, travelling up and down the motorway. Sometimes I am leaving the house at silly o' clock in the morning and just don't have the time to grab food before I go (and end up stopping at service stations which we all know are full of carb-a-licious over priced junk that leaves you feeling somewhat "meh").

A few weeks back I saw a recipe online and decided to tweak it to make it work for me. The recipe was for little egg muffins.
High in protein, packed full of veg, and quick & simple to make up a batch that I can cook on a weekend and throw into a tupperware tub to leave in the fridge (easy to grab when I leave the house!)

I wanted to share this simple recipe with you.

I started with 8 free range eggs:

Then added them to my Nutri Ninja Bullet (if you don't have one of these bad boys I suggest you get down to your local appliance store and invest as they are simply amazing and there isn't a day that goes by without me flinging something in there!)

Whizz them up until all blended, I added Himalayan pink rock salt and a dash of course black pepper to season.

They should look something like this when blitzed:

In the meantime I took an assortment of veg, in this particular batch I added red onion, red pepper and mushrooms  but you can use anything you like. You can add cooked chicken, tuna, chilli if you want more spice, tomatos, courgette anything you fancy really.


I kept mine veggie on this occasion.

With the veg all chopped I took a baking tray and filled it with some silicone muffin cases which I greased with coconut oil to avoid them sticking. Trust me I tried this with just a baking tray and they stuck like glue and I ended up binning a whole baking tray as it was that baked on! I use organic coconut oil as it also gives them a nice flavour as well as avoiding the sticking.


Pour egg mixture into the muffin cases and then add a sprinkle of each veg to your liking.


Once combined put in the oven and cook at 200 degree C for around 15 mins.

Once ready they will be golden on top and can be removed from their cases. Leave to cool and then add to a tupperware container and save in the fridge for snacking. Eat when the mood takes you :)


Faye @ Tikiboo


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