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Introducing Lucie Colt: Fitness Guru and Sponsored Athlete For Tikiboo

Posted on 11 May 2015

Tikiboo are proud to announce our new sponsored athlete and fitness guru Lucie Colt. Lucie will be sharing her fitness and diet related tips as she trains for her next bikini competition and we are really excited about having her on our team.


With industry expertise and holding certifications in fitness training, I have undergone rigorous training programs that have helped me become a leader at helping people meet their health and workout goals. I am a successful Bikini Athlete, Trainer and England Squash Coach and I am here to Empower, Enlighten and Educate you on your fitness journey and inspire you to make continuous improvements to increase the quality of your life.

I have always been active, having played Squash for 12 years at county and regional level. I then wanted a new fitness challenge and so trained for and entered my first Bikini Bodybuilding Show. Through changing my lifestyle I have noticed a positive impact on my attitude, outlook, my working and social life which has led me to realise that leading a healthy lifestyle is essential for a more balanced and well rounded life.

I pride myself on my body transformation programmes, which are easy to stick to by making small changes to your current lifestyle. I will function as your colleague, mentor and coach to help you achieve and maintain optimum health through a balanced workout process, which in turn has a great impact on your physique, overall health and personal happiness.

With great workouts, recipes and full support and motivation, you can really take control of your health to achieve your dream results. I do not offer just another Yoyo diet, I offer a complete lifestyle program to guide and support you to success.

The most important aspect to address before starting a transformational health and fitness programme is to prepare yourself for the great things that are expected to come your way! From experience, it is vital to ensure that my clients are mentally committed to making these improvements.

The thing is being “interested” in a health transformation and being “committed” are two completely different things, but one can grow from another. By giving me your commitment I will show you how to transform your lifestyle in a positive way which will in turn create a healthier, happier you!

If you are looking for a complete body transformation and guidance from Lucie check out her website 

Lucie provides tailor made plans to suit you individually and offers online support in a range of packages, check out her packages here:

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