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Part 1: 5 Easy Ways to Step up your Training

Posted on February 15 2017

Get ready of our 5 part series of ways to step up your training…

Whatever fitness goals you have, these 5 simple things can help enhance your training to get even closer to reaching them. I’ve comprised this list from what I have learnt over the last 4 years from pursuing my own fitness goals, often learning the hard way! So if you’re looking to make small changes that could make a huge difference, then I recommend following:


  1. Recharge your Battery

The ideal amount of sleep to get is 7-9 hours per night – no new information there, right? In my experience though, the importance of sleep is often underestimated – I am guilty of underestimating this for sure! I used to live on 5-6 hours of sleep per night, simply because I tried to cram so much into my day that sleep wasn’t a priority.

Sleep helps you recover from the stresses of the day. As most of us will know, if you don’t get enough sleep it’s like running on an empty battery and your body won’t function as well as it could. It wasn’t until I had a good two weeks of 8-9 hours’ sleep every night that I realised what a difference getting enough sleep makes! I felt stronger, more coordinated and my muscles felt much fresher.  It not only made me feel better physically but it improved my mentality as well. I was so much more alert and focused during my training.

I have now recognised that sleep should be a priority and is well worth making time for. I have learnt that it’s much better to be running at full charge than to be fighting against a body that is feeling drained and running on empty. When you feel tired, it is your body’s way of telling you it needs to rest!

I used to battle through training sessions feeling like ‘The Walking Dead’ and it wasn’t the best thing for me or my body. Some days you just need to say that’s enough for today, get a good nights’ sleep and be ready to attack your training the following day feeling refreshed!

Stephanie Knapp: @sknappstar


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