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5 New Sports To Try In The New Year

Posted on 01 January 2019

5 New Sports To Try In The New Year

Being creative about your physical activity plans and trying new types of exercise can enable you to experience various social and physical benefits. With 2019 approaching and many of you considering your New Year resolutions, why not incorporate a new and fun physical activity and/or sport into your lifestyle?

We’ve shortlisted five of the best sports to get involved with which also offer unique participation campaigns to keep you motivated along the way.

Indoor Rowing

There is an array of benefits which you can experience from rowing. From improving your cardiovascular fitness, increasing your flexibility, working over 90% of your muscle groups, to enjoying the company of others, it is a fantastic workout which offers so much. British Rowing have even launched a #SheRows campaign in a bid to get 10,000 more women indoor rowing by 2021. They’ve got a great selection of technique advice and workout videos here.

Running in a Group

We understand that running isn’t a new sport by any means, but have you thought about joining a local running group and meeting new people? Most towns also hold local parkruns now also. Running with others is a great way to meet new people whilst staying active, plus research also shows you are most likely to commit to an exercise routine if you train with other people. If you’re struggling to find a local group, why not check out England Athletics’ RunTogether program to find your nearest club.


A unique sport which combines swimming, cycling and running to create fun and varied physical activity experiences. For those who haven’t considered participating in triathlon before or would like to ease into it slowly, then consider British Triathlon’s GO TRI campaign which helps to bring triathlon beginners into this new and exciting world.  



Netball is one of the most popular sports that is played throughout the nation. With the Netball 2019 World Cup being hosted in Liverpool, there hasn’t been a better time to start playing. Make sure you equip yourself with the correct footwear to prevent any chances of injury. Mizuno Netball’s #MakeTheSwap campaign aims to get 1.4 million current and new netballers wearing the right shoes when participating.


The RFU’s Inner Warrior camps aim to encourage females to get outside, get muddy and experience the dynamic, exhilarating sport of rugby for the first time. They are held regularly at clubs across the country and with plenty of help on hand, you’ll be up to speed with the basics of rugby in no time. The Inner Warrior camps take place on select months throughout the year, with the next wave of camps starting in January. With no contact or tackling involved, this is a great time to learn the basic skills of rugby.



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