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5 Ways To Wear the Sesame Street Collection

Posted on November 13 2019

Tikiboo is the proud home of the official Sesame Street activewear collection. These lovable leggings, shorts, bras, backpacks, and TikiTubes are the happiest and wackiest activewear items on the planet! You can wear your Sesame Street Tikiboos in so many ways, here are some ideas to inspire you:

1. To your dance class! We love a good Clubbercise class, and we think that Tikiboos make the perfect dance-partner when it comes to getting your groove on. The Sesame Street Collection is a funky way to bring your #TikiTeam together, so why not get your whole dance class involved?

2. At your next CrossFit team comp! The team names are endless: The A-Team, The Hot-Cross-Cookie Monsters, The Sesame Snatch Squad, CrossFit-Open Sesame, The Hangry Big Birds… what more can we say?

3. For those Twinning/Triplet Tuesdays…We love a #MatchyMatchy outfit, and the Sesame Street leggings are one way to smash those squad goals. Whether you match with your bestie, with your pooch-pal or with your little one, share the positivity and love, by donning your best Sesame Street style.

4. With Children In Need returning on Friday, November 15th, 2019, why not share some Sesame Street love? Our Sesame Street collection is comfortable, vibrant and fun, making them the perfect choice for Children In Need mufti-day, which are a surefire way to make everyone smile! Plus our retro pop Sesame Street pieces have got the "something spotty" theme down to a T!

5. When you go ultra running, hill sprinting, interval sprinting, marathon training, winter-walk-running, Couch To 5K running, recovery running, beach running, zombie-apocalypse-training running, fun running, colour running, late-night running, early-morning running, 10K running… whatever your run, make it fun with some Sesame Street styling; patterns on point...pins on point.

How will you wear your Sesame Street activewear?


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