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What is CrossFit?

Posted on 24 September 2015

CrossFit boxes are popping up all over the place so no doubt if you are into fitness you have heard people talking about CrossFit (as it seems to be rapidly growing in popularity). People are pushing aside conventional gyms and static weight machines to seek something a bit more challenging and stimulating.

So what is CrossFit? Someone once defined it to me as "training to be the best at exercise", which I guess in a way is true!
CrossFit combines a number of elements of fitness to challenge yourself and provide you with a full body workout, offering:

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Power
  • Coordination
  • Flexibility
  • Stamina

It combines many different fitness techniques such as Gymnastics, Powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting and Strongman (which in turn allows participants to achieve peak fitness levels) as it provides and all round workout.

CrossFit is for everyone, every workout or 'WoD' (workout of the day in CrossFit language) is scalable to suit the individual fitness levels so everyone can perform a workout to their ability and challenge themselves as much as they want to.
WoDs can consist of many different connotations such as timed workouts, where a workout must be completed within the allocated time. This can be anything from skipping, kettle bells, box jumps, pull ups, rowing, hand stands to snatches, deadlifts or the dreaded burpees (which we all love to hate!)
Generally each session consists of a warm up, an accessory element, a strength element and then the WoD.

I started CrossFit around 2 years ago. I must admit I have been on and off throughout this period due to other commitments (work, travelling, running Tikiboo etc) but recently a new box opened in my area and since then I have regained my love! 
CrossFit TW18 in Staines provides a spacious gym, fully equipped with all the latest equipment, structured programs, great coaches that are both supportive and encouraging, and a community of lovely people that all challenge and support each other.

They run multiple sessions a day, both in mornings and evenings and also operate an open gym where you can go in and brush up on your skills at your own pace. I am already starting to notice my strength and stamina increasing in the short time that I have been attending. I love that the coaches can see your ability levels and will push you further to challenge yourself. I am my own worst enemy sometimes and I will opt for the light weights even though I know I can do better (however if they see me slacking off they will tell me to pick the right weight!)

So if anyone is thinking of giving it a go then I would definitely recommend trying it (but I warn you now, it is addictive!)

If you are in the Staines-upon-Thames area check out CrossFit TW18 Staines at 360 Ultimate Fitness 

And don't forget, for all of your CrossFit garments, funky leggings and tops check out our range at Tikiboo!


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