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Autumn Running

Posted on 27 October 2015

Autumn Running
Claire Jennings Guest Blogger

At this time of year, most people are firing up the central heating and pressing snooze for that extra ten minutes under a warm duvet before work. But for runners, the dark, crisp mornings and evenings can be blissful, with Autumn heralding the arrival of beautiful colours, temperate weather and stunning sunrises, and also the start of Spring marathon training.

As the nights draw in, sleeves and trousers legs get longer, providing  a great excuse to update your running wardrobe.  The autumn brings its own palette of browns, oranges and reds, giving Tikiboo’s bold and striking designs a run for their money.  Once you’ve picked your outfit, it’s time to hit the streets. Here are 5 tips to better Autumn running:

  1. Layer up - the British Autumn time can be unpredictable; one minute the sun is cracking the flags, the next the wind is cracking your lips. By wearing lightweight layers, you can adapt your outfit to match the weather quickly and comfortably.
  1. Speed sessions and cross training – with dark mornings and evenings, now may be the time to switch up your running routine. Speed sessions mean that you can spend less time out in the cold whilst still working up a sweat. Fartlek, hill-work and tempo running can help to make the most of daylight hours whilst focusing intensively on pace, cardio and strength. Autumn may also be the time to consider cross-training with a gym, bootcamp or personal trainer – working out indoors means you can avoid the elements and still be ready to power through those early Spring races.
  1. Be safe, be seen - As the evenings get darker earlier, it’s important that runners stay safe and seen. The bright striking patterns of Tikiboo leggings will help you to stay noticed, especially when paired with hi-viz clothing and illuminated armbands.
  1. Buddy up – if you’re a solo runner, now might be the time to find a running buddy, or consider joining a running club. There’s safety in numbers, and a pre-set running date may be just the motivation you need to lace up those trainers when the weather is looking less than appealing.
  1. Get the slow cooker out - …and load it with lean meat and seasonal root vegetables for easy, warming, and healthy post-workout meals. Knowing that a hearty, nutritious stew is waiting at home, could make all the difference to your pace on your last mile.

After a workout, there's nothing better than a hot shower and settling down on the couch in a warm and comfortable hoodie and sweats with a recovery hot chocolate.


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Clare Jennings


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