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6 Tips To Reduce Weight By Saying No To Strict Diet Plans

Posted on January 05 2016

Thank you to our guest blogger Freya Lowe for contributing to Tikiboo

6 Tips To Reduce Weight By Saying No To Strict Diet Plans

Many a times you may feel that keeping an eye over your calories and following a strict diet will help you to shed those extra kilos. In reality, this is not true. Following a strict diet can really have an opposite effect on your body.

Many people believe that following a diet plan helps to reduce weight, but in reality, only 5% people have been able to lose weight. So it has been noticed that most of the time people put on extra kilos instead of reducing it due to the change in diet. Change in appetite, body fat level and metabolism due to the new diet is considered as the reasons for it.

Therefore, the next question that comes to our mind is how can we reduce weight if we are not dieting? It is very simple! Just follow the below tips and see the difference gradually.

1. 80/20 rule
When you are taking food, make sure that 80 per cent of your diet comprises of unprocessed and fresh food and when it comes to the remaining 20 per cent, you can opt for unhealthy food. This will help in balanced eating. If you follow a strict diet and deny yourself certain foods, then your body will crave more for it. So this type of diet plan will help to control cravings.

2. Know what you are eating
Many a times we have the habit of not enjoying the food completely. This happens when we are busy with other activities like watching TV or working on the laptop. This is the time when our mind is diverted and we end up putting more food in the mouth.

3. Say no to emotional eating
When we are feeling any intense emotion like loneliness, fear, stress, sadness or excitement, we have the habit of eating in an uncontrolled manner. Going for a chocolate to make yourself happy is very common. Most of the time people tend to go for this kind of eating during the late afternoons and evenings. This can lead to increased waistline. So better understand your emotions and learn the methods to cope up with them and thus stop yourself from emotional eating.

4. Keep realistic goals
When it comes to weight loss, it takes time. So don’t think that you will get lean within few days. Better keep some realistic goals like reducing half or one kg in a week’s time.

5. Listen to your tummy
If you are hungry then chances are there that you may end up overeating. So better take a light snack or drink a glass of water when you are hungry, as this will help to curb your hunger.

6. Practice eating in small portions
When it comes to people, it is very easy to fall prey to overeating. So better learn to eat in small proportions. If you are having a snack make sure to take a small quantity in a plate first rather than taking directly from the packet.

So, remember that having a strict diet plan will not help you out rather go for an eating plan which can be effective as well as enjoyable.

Author Bio:

Freya Lowe is a Blogger and Adventure Seeker who also writes for Land of Deals. In this post she has discussed about the tips to reduce weight with effective diet plans.


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