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Fight Klub Klobber

Posted on March 20 2017

We hope that you are enjoying the Fight Klub designs that you may have seen bouncing around at events recently. We are currently getting a lot of traffic through our site looking for these items, Tikiboo and Fight Klub have worked together to create these beautiful pieces but if you wish to purchase them head on over to

Fight Klub launched their brand new range at Move Fit last weekend, the new collection features 3 leggings and 2 capri designs in tartan, spotty or just plain black and yellow "JUNGLIST" The leggings come with matching bra tops and vest tops so there is something for all the ladies!

Get them whilst stocks last!

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  • Julia Price: May 16, 2017

    Hi Klobber/Fight Klub,,

    I really love your designs, however I am really restricted In what I can buy/wear from your range, e.g., only some tops .. I am a plus size lady and none of your leggings and some tops will even remotely fit me. Your plus sizes seem to fit sizes 12-14, what about us who are not that size?? what about the size 18 plus???? who have larger thighs, bottoms etc please could you think of us none skinny people and make a range for us plus size people, and not penalise us on price as some clothing companies tend to do. We plus people are still fit just not skinny. Also please could we have tops (crop, racer etc) that can fit us ladies who were blessed on top too.

    Thank you

    Julia x

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