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Get ready to add some ooh-la-llama to your wardrobe!

Posted on January 28 2019

Move over unicorns and the flamingos - the llama, is the trendiest animal on the block and has been cited to be one of the leading trends of 2019, with the search for ‘llama décor’ up 1,094% since last year.

Of course, we were all over this before the trend list was released and we had our new designer Sophie working on a llama print when she started in November.
Say hello to our new Llamacorn range!

We thought we’d have a little fun on our Llamacorn launch week and provide you with our top six favourite llama facts:

  1. Llamas are very sassy animals - when one llama has an issue with another llama, it will stick its tongue out to express its displeasure. They’ll also spit on other llamas.

  2. Llamas are great stress busters – as we said above, llamas have been known to spit, but this is only when they are feeling threatened. They are very friendly animals and have been interacting with humans for hundreds of years. Their friendly, calm qualities – coupled with their ability to quickly learn new things – have made them excellent therapy animals for both the elderly and children with special needs.

  3. The Llama received its very own emoji due to its popularity… we can’t wait to use it when we post our Tikiboo selfies 

  4. A male llama is called a sire, the female is named as a dam, and cria is the name given to baby llama. Almost sounds like olde English titles! A group of llamas is called a herd.

  5. The llama is a South American relative of the camel even though the llama does not have a hump

  6. They can outrace some of our best runners in our community, as they can reach speeds up to 65km (35 miles) per hour!


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