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13 Gym Bag Essentials

Posted on 10 April 2019

13 Gym Bag Essentials

Finding you always forget the small but important things at the gym? Not to worry - we've rounded up our essential gym bag essentials - to make your workouts more efficient. 


1. Gym Towel

A towel is essential for wiping down equipment after use, and of course, cooling yourself off!

2. Spare Socks

Ever been at work, planning on going to the gym and realising you've left your socks at home? It's good to have backups in situations like these, so you don't have to skip your workout! (Even though you may have wanted the excuse).

3. Leakproof Water Bottle

No more leaky bottles ruining your gym kit with this leakproof water bottle, just throw it in your bag and go!


4. Victorias Secret Love Spell Body Spray

Give yourself a quick spritz after your workout with this Victorias Secret body spray; we love this scent in particular - fragranced with cherry blossom and peach, it smells fresh and fruity.

5. Wireless Headphones

Smash your workout with your favourite playlists. These wireless headphones feature Bluetooth connectivity, so you're not tied to your phone while working out! They also come with their own carry case, and fold up neatly, taking up minimal space in your bag.

6. Clinique Face and Body Wipes

No time to shower? Clinique has you covered with these face and body cleansing wipes, just a quick swipe and you're good to go! Perfect for a lunchtime workout session. 


7. Tikiboo Zoodie

Keep warm after your workout with this comfy Zip Up Hoodie. Featuring a warm fleece lined inner, and zip up detailing this will keep you cosy on your way to and from the gym. 

8. Cosmetea Stick Facial Cleanser

No one needs the hassle of their face wash exploding in their gym bag; instead, try this stick cleanser by Cosmetea, just swipe over your face, rise and go. 

9. Lush Rockstar Soap Bar

Perfect for transporting to and from the gym, when you want to take a shower, is this no mess, no fuss, soap bar from Lush - featuring Vanilla Absolute. You'll be the best smelling person in the gym! 

10. CO-LAB Dry Shampoo

Gym hair don't care! Keep greasy locks at bay with this dry shampoo, specially formulated to prevent white residue, perfect for blondes and brunettes alike. 

11. Venus Snap Mini Razor

Keep this handy mini razor in your bag for those "forgot to shave" moments! 

12. Flip Flops

No one wants to go barefoot in the gym showers - think of the germs! Protect your feet with some affordable flip flops. 

13. Hand Sanitiser

Following on from the germ theme, hand sanitiser is always a good thing to have on hand - especially this one as it features a handy clip so you can clip it on your bag. It also smells like iced doughnuts - yum.

If you're looking for an upgraded gym bag, why not take a look at our wide range of fun colourful and spacious bags, like this Soleil Gym Bag, one of our favourites! 


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