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International Women's Day 2020

Posted on 08 March 2020

International Women's Day 2020

At Tikiboo we have a team of incredibly strong and inspiring women who help to make the magic happen for our Tikiboo customers. Each of us feels so lucky to be working with a brand that celebrates the strength of character, individuality and the importance of community. At Tikiboo, we know that when we, men and women, support each other, incredible things happen. So to celebrate International Women’s Day we have asked the women in the Tikiboo team to share a little something about the women in their lives who inspire them most. Here's to strong women! May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.

Faye, Director, and all-round #BossLady

"I try to surround myself with strong positive women as I believe in lifting each other up and supporting those around me. In terms of who inspires me, there’s such a long list as people inspire me in different ways! 

My mother has always inspired me and is the reason I have such a strong work ethic. She taught me from an early age the value of hard work and I have carried that into my life. I saw her juggling 4 children and multiple jobs to make sure we had food on the table and clothes on our backs and then continued supporting us all with our own children throughout life.

Last year I met a truly inspirational woman called Nicky Pattinson. She is a fierce businesswoman that has fought against all the odds and still manages to get up, get it done and be out there inspiring so many people! I had the pleasure of listening to one of her talks, she took me on an emotional rollercoaster of laughter, tears and admiration.

Finally, my close friends, you know who you are, I have seen them fight for their lives, keep their families together, be successful in their careers and still manage to just be all-round awesome humans that I love dearly!"

Sophie, Fashion Graphic Designer

“I look at women for different things there isn’t specifically one woman that I look up to. There are many people who inspire me with their style, their work ethic, and personal life advice. Here are some of the women who inspire me most:

Amy Reddish - she’s a girl boss, Head of Brand at PLT and is really inspiring where she started out at her career in fashion and how she’s built her way up to becoming Head of Brand at PLT, her journey and work ethic for me in fashion is inspiring. I also LOVE her style! 

Kim Zolciak Biermann - Kim is a reality TV star but is extremely down to earth and funny. She is very spiritual and gives out great life advice on her podcast which she hosts with her husband Kroy which has made me think differently towards my own life situations. Her positive attitude really brightens up my day and I listen to her podcast daily.  

Marille Wellyn - Marille and her fitness journey from losing her weight to become this FIT boss lady is really inspiring. Her fitness journey is insane and from this, she has grown an amazing amount of followers that it’s allowed her to create her own businesses including fitness guides and supplements. I think she is great for body positivity and showing anyone can do it if they put their mind to it. I admire her and her journey and love seeing her posts daily. 

Lastly, my mum and my nan always are the best women for advice. They are really compassionate people and always go the extra mile. I look up to them for their ways and the way they treat others. I am privileged to have them in my life!”

Megan, Fashion and Operations Coordinator


“I couldn’t choose one female in my life that inspires me as there are two. My mum and my sister are constantly inspiring me. 
My mum’s knowledge and selflessness encourage me every day. She's always at the end of the phone if I need her and nothing is ever too much trouble. We have the most fun together and very special memories. She is the most wonderful mum. People often mistake us for twins but my other inspiration is my little sister. She has a big heart and is always thinking of others. I’m very lucky to have such a close bond with her, She is so special and I want her to know that.”

Kayleigh, Digital Marketing Manager


“From my English teacher during my A-Levels to my Lecturer during my MA, and from Emma Stone to Taylor Swift, I have been inspired by many women in my life. But growing up, it was always my mum who inspired me the most. She is a self-made businesswoman who has a heart of gold. Despite all of her successes, she’s never forgotten who she is and where she’s come from, and her down-to-earth warm nature has taught me the most valuable life lessons. Even when we lost my dad in 2007, my mum put us first, to teach us strength, to show us unconditional love and to make sure we had everything we needed in order to be safe and happy even when she was hurting so much herself. Over the years my mum has consistently put her own needs aside to share her love and kindness with the people around her. She is the most resilient person I know, and I feel so lucky that she is my mum.

If there’s one thing that shines through about all the women who inspire me, it is that despite their successes, they will each always make time to support and strengthen others.”

Sarah, Project Manager


“I look up to many inspiring women, including Ella Fitzgerald, Marilyn Monroe, The 'People's Princess' and many more. But if I had to choose one person, it would be my Nan. She was born in 1922 in working-class England and being the youngest of 11 children she faced many hardships throughout her whole life. She lived through WWII working in ammunition factories, she bought a house in 1960 and worked hard to pay it off by 1970 as she could not stand the debt. She worked so hard her whole life to provide for her family in every way possible and enabled both of her children to go to University - the first in the family line to do so, which changed my family's future prospects forever. My nan was a selfless and extremely loving woman to anyone she came across. She made many sacrifices and was a true caregiver. She loved singing and dancing and brought a smile to everyone's face, which inspired me to sing and dance when growing up. She even did the splits on her 80th birthday to prove that she could still do them! She was there for our family her whole life and was like a second mother to me and my siblings. 
Most of my morals came from my nan; she taught me to never give up, to work hard, to be honest, loyal, to be kind to everyone, and mostly to love HARD. She lived until she was 93 and I know she was an inspiring woman to many.”

Emma, Head of Production


"When I tried to think of a woman who inspires me I found it impossible to nail it down to just one! The women I have closely around me provide constant support, inspiration and motivation when needed, all while running homes, families and businesses. They are strong, loving, intelligent and beautiful. They are my inspiration"

April, Community Manager


"I have so much admiration for this woman, Kiko Matthews. Not only has she had 2 brain tumours but the second occurred whilst training to row the Atlantic! Did it deter her? Absolutely not! I’ve had my trials and tribulations and to get through them I’ve always compared myself to someone that was in a worse off position, told myself to just get on with it. Now, Kiko is a different kettle of fish altogether, she isn’t just thinking about surviving, she is all about not letting anything get between her and her dreams. Kiko faced adversity at the onset of her challenge when it was suggested she may get more funding if she wore makeup!
Rowing 2 hrs on, 2 hrs off alone in the ocean, facing biblical weather for 49 days must have been incredibly lonely. I am sure there were dark times in that period but she pushed on. That takes incredible physical and emotional strength. I am absolutely in awe of all of her achievements. She found light in dark places and it takes a special kind of someone to do that and inspire others along the way."

Sam, Customer Service Manager & Logistics Coordinator

"J.K Rowling is an inspiration to me, having been a single mother myself, and been on benefits, as she was. She proves that it is possible to turn your life around with a little bit of determination and passion. After reading all of her books, watching all of the movies, my daughter and I are huge HP fans." 


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