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Is eating eggs bad for your health?

Posted on 30 July 2017

Is eating eggs bad for your health?

For many years, people have been scared of eating more than 6 whole eggs each week. This came from the fact that egg yolk contains cholesterol which was believe to cause in increase of the total cholesterol in our bodies.

However after plenty of research shows that the effect of eggs does not seem to affect the body as they first thought and they might even help raise the levels of good cholesterol in the body.

First and foremost, eggs are a great source of complete protein. Complete proteins contain essential amino acids that your body is not able to produce itself. This makes eggs a great food choice for vegetarians, who may otherwise struggle to get these essential amino acids without meat and fish in their diet.

Another macronutrient found in eggs is Fat, both saturated and unsaturated. Luckily, most of that fat is of the unsaturated, heart-healthy variety that your body needs for keeping cell membranes healthy, protecting internal organs, and helping with absorbing fat-soluble vitamins.

It is true that eggs contain small amounts of cholesterol. However, unless you have high cholesterol levels and have been advised by a doctor to cut down or cut out your intake, there’s no reason to avoid eggs, because all the good stuff makes up for that extra little bit of cholesterol.

A large egg contains about 80-90 calories, and the yolk does not only contain cholesterol, but also vitamins and minerals. I usually have about 2 whole egg with my egg whites as they contain far more nutrients than the egg whites, as well as containing fats that are necessary for optimal body and brain function.

Some of the vitamins found in the egg yolk are:

- Vitamin A
- Vitamin B2 & B12
- Vitamin D
- Vitamin E
- Zinc
- Iron
- Phosphorous
- Iodine
- Selenium
- Calcium

Reasons to keep eggs in your diet…

  1. Boost your nutrient intake
    Eggs contain some protein, but also essential vitamins and minerals that will help you with a nutrient boost. Make sure you buy organic or pastured eggs as these are healthier.
  1. Boost your fat loss
    There are some indications that eating eggs for breakfast is able to keep you fuller for longer and makes people eat up to 400 kcal less throughout the day.
  1. Get protection against breast cancer
    There are some studies that have shown that consuming eggs might protect you against breast cancer with up to 44%.
  1. Boost your intake of choline
    Choline is a nutrient most people are not aware of. It is used to build up cell membranes in your body and also help produce signaling molecules in your brain. Other good sources of choline include prawns, scallops, cod, brussels sprout, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, spinach, chicken, turkey, tuna and salmon.



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