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Let’s talk about consistency…

Posted on 07 November 2016

Let’s talk about consistency…

Way too often I hear of people not sticking to their training or diet, or even both, which leads them to get frustrated and ultimately not seeing the results they want. Seeing progress is really important to stay committed and motivated towards your goals!

Results only occur when you stay dedicated to both your training and your diet. We have all been there were we are 50% motivated and need a good kick up the bum to re-focus, holding my hands up too, I am only human! When you only put half the effort into your training and diet, don’t be surprised when the results do not follow.

I often hear the saying that its '70% diet and 30% training', and although I agree with it up to a certain point, it can create a mind-set that is not always about aiming for 100% in both.

Ultimately you need to give 100% to all aspects – Nutrition, Exercise, Mind-set even down to things like getting enough sleep – You would be surprised how much this really does have an effect on your performance & behaviours throughout the day.

It's not about 1 good day or even 5 good days but about turning it into a healthy lifestyle.  It can't feel like a chore and must be made into something you just do, live, breath and also enjoy. The gym isn't something you can do for a while, gain some results and then just stop, it's about being CONSISTENT! And the thing is, it takes time to change habits that have been around for a while and that’s ok…

It all comes down to what you are trying to achieve, and how much you really want it.  If you want the best results then you have to put the work in EVERY SINGLE DAY

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