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Move Fit Review

Posted on 18 March 2017

Move Fit Review

Hi everyone,

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. After a crazy weekend at Move Fit last weekend with Tikiboo, I thought I would take some down time to share my thoughts on the event.

I have been with Tikiboo since the beginning…Faye took me on as an Athlete and sponsored me whilst competing. Since then, I have watched Tikiboo grow and grow and am so proud to be a part of such an amazing brand.

I love what they stand for – Real women and amazing products! This topic came up over the weekend with women complimenting each other on various assets. It hit me that everyone is chasing the “perfect” figure, but what does that mean? Define perfect… does it exist? I personally don’t believe so. Everyone wants something different, and probably something that they don’t have. But we always want what we don’t have, right? Funny how we are eyh Ladies? I say embrace what you have, be confident and happy – the rest will follow. I met so many amazing and beautiful ladies over the weekend in all shapes and sizes – the main thing is us women stick together and support each other!

The event was fab – lots of exhibitors complained about the noise, but we were right by the main stage and absolutely loved it! Trying to join in and learn the dance moves from the classes, dancing away, talking to people and generally having a really good time.

The Tikiboo stand was so so busy as we show cased lots of new products and I have to say the new Mesh range went down really well – not surprisingly as they have amazing patterns (just you wait for the new designs to launch!) and the high V waist is so comfortable! So certainly don’t knock it until you have tried them ladies! Take advantage of the offer they are running on the mesh range this week.

We got lots of photos with new and current customers from the weekend, but something that upset me was a really negative comment of the appearance about one of our Tikiboo team (who is in great shape and gorgeous by the way). Why do people feel the need to write negative things that could be so hurtful to another female? I certainly don’t agree with negative online comments! Shouldn’t we be supporting one another?

Watch this space as Tikiboo will be working hard to bring you new products, services and I hope you too, continue to enjoy the Tikiboo community.

Lucie Colt


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