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Notice Regarding Labels On Vests

Posted on October 12 2018

Notice regarding Vest tops
As some of you may have noticed we have started to remove the neck labels from the vest tops and have started printing in the neck instead like we do with our sports bras. This is because labels can be annoying and when training we feel the printed label is a better option.
This is shown on the stock images.
We have also stopped putting unnecessary tags on the vest tops, again now the label is removed we do not want to put holes in the garments by putting tags on them. Instead they are packed tightly into bags and the bags are labelled.
This does not however mean that because labels are missing that they are seconds or returns. We have had a couple of emails of this nature so we just wanted to clarify that the vest tops are made in house by myself and are intentionally made this way for comfort.
If you wish to return a vest top the team are all aware what has labels and what doesn't so you will not be penalised if you haven't got tags on them. The leggings will have tags and this is for hygiene reasons that the tags are big and need to remain in tact for a refund to be eligible.


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