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Part 3: Have Your Back

Posted on February 21 2017

‘Bad’ training sessions, days, weeks or even months can happen! They happen to everyone at some time or another. But there is one thing I have found that not only keeps your motivation during tough times but also makes your training more enjoyable and rewarding on a daily basis. That is to be on your side and have your own back and not to be your own worst enemy. When you are so focused on the end goal it can lead to being over self-critical – so I’m telling you to give yourself break!

Challenges are inevitable and it’s how you approach them that makes all the difference. If you are constantly thinking about all of the things you’re unhappy with it will put you in a negative mind-set. You put your body through a lot already to pursue any type of fitness goal, you don’t need to beat yourself up mentally as well. Recognise what can be improved upon, but ensure you also give yourself credit for your successes.

Start every training session focused on doing the best you can. Focus less on what you did yesterday and don’t put limits on yourself. There’s a tendency if you have never done something before to think ‘I can’t’ – just because you haven’t done it yet doesn’t mean that you won’t! Believe in yourself – you either do it or you don’t and have nothing to lose from trying your best. After each session, no matter how successful it was or not, come away with a positive from it. A good philosophy to think about is ‘every dark cloud has a silver lining.’ If you struggled to get through a workout and didn’t hit your target from a previous session, rather than beating yourself up over it, your positive could be – ‘I persevered through a tough session and didn’t give up!’

Your mind-set can transform your training.

Stephanie Knapp: @sknappstar


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