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Part 4: Limber up

Posted on February 24 2017

Giving your body some much needed TLC after a gruelling training session can be underrated. The reality is, your recovery is just as important as the training itself. It can reduce the risk of injury and vastly improve your movement and efficiency meaning you can go heavier, faster and move a lot better! A few things you can do to aid recovery:

Self-Myofascial Release

This helps to work out knots and relieve tension in the muscles. There is a big selection of mobility tools on the market but I’m going to cover just a few:

  • The conventional foam roller - which is great for larger muscles like quads, calves and hamstrings
  • Mobility balls of various shapes and sizes to reach the small muscle groups, for example, in your shoulders, chest and thoracic region.
  • Tools like the Armaid to roll out your arms.


Sports massage

The benefits of a sports massage include deep tissue release in those hard to reach areas. It improves blood flow and aids recovery. It also has psychological benefits by reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation.


Floss bands

Floss bands are great to apply to areas like the forearms, calves, quads and joints such as the wrist, hip, shoulders and ankles. They work by applying compression to the area for a short period of time. When the band is removed a rush of blood washes through the muscle promoting healing and relieving tension. Make sure you research or speak to a professional on how to use floss bands if it’s your first time.



Improving your flexibility will help you to reach a good range of movement in your body which can in-turn benefit you reaching positions required for your training goals. Better positions and better movement equals better results! If you have any areas that feel tight, give them some time and attention and stretch them out. I personally find that supplementing my training with Yoga works well as I don’t always dedicate as much time as I should during my training sessions to stretch.  I do 10 minutes every morning and a 75-minute class once per week. If you are looking for something to do in your gym or at home you can find lots of stretching programs or routines online to follow, to give you an example my personal preference is Yoga YouTube videos or ROMWOD. 

Look after your body, and it will look after you!

Stephanie Knapp: @sknappstar


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