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Planning On Running Your First Marathon?

Posted on October 29 2018


With the London Marathon Ballot released earlier this month, here are six top tips for first time marathon runners.

  1. Keep a training log. This is a fantastic way of holding yourself accountable to your training, as well as a great keepsake to look back at how far you have come once you completed the marathon. Note the mileage of each run and your pace after you get back each time, so you can start looking at how to improve those times. Another useful thing to note in a training log is your heart rate each morning.


  1. Get used to the amount of time on your feet. Unless you have an active job, it is probably not often that you’ll spend around five hours standing. If you can get your body used to this amount of time on your feet it will take out an element of fatigue later in the race. Maybe try a standing desk at work slowly and challenge yourself to stand for longer each time. Another way to acclimatize is swap the occasional slower run for a longer walk, especially if the weather is dry and sunny!


  1. Cross training is a great low-impact workout to incorporate into your training plan. It will not only keep you engaged with your training, but it will also help prevent injuries. Swap one run per week with a circuit workout, swimming or cycling. The diversity of the exercise will be a nice refresher each week and leave you ready and excited to continuing running.


  1. Wear your marathon outfit before the big day. It can be tempting to try and keep back a special marathon outfit for the race itself. Resist! We are not saying that you must wear it every time you train, but you don’t want to be half an hour into the race to discover that the armpits chafe or your leggings waistband is too loose, and they are falling down! Take what you plan to wear on a couple of trial runs just to check that you are comfortable whilst running. Another top tip for your marathon outfit is print your name on a t-shirt. This turns all the people watching into your own personal cheerleaders.


  1. Always factor in time after a run or workout to cool down and stretch - this will help prevent stiffness occurring and works towards preventing injury. We promise that you can sink into that bath afterwards.


  1. Have FUN! The marathon will be brilliant, but you also need to enjoy your training. Listen to your favourite comedy podcast, wear a bright pair of leggings or get a friend to run with you.

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