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Polite Notice Regarding Returns

Posted on 07 September 2016

Polite notice regarding returns:

Please be careful when trying garments on as we have had a large number lately of worn looking leggings arrive back for refund. If we have cause to believe they have been worn, we know when they have, no refund will be issued. Those that have worn it will also be charged a return postage fee to have the item redelivered.

Please think about how you would like to receive an item and how annoyed you would be if it had been worn. We are unable to sell them in this state and cannot accept these returns.

This is now taking our warehouse team extra time to thoroughly inspect the leggings after a pair with obvious stains in an unmentionable place and the most repulsive stench has caused us to clamp down and going forward the culprits will not receive refunds. We will be photographing all stains on receipt of the leggings.

Also any item returned without the original paperwork cannot be processed. If we are unable to determine who sent it then it will not be processed. Please note warehouse staff present the refunds with the leggings and paperwork not the bags they are sent back in so reference numbers written on bags are not sufficient proof of purchase.

Finally can we ask that you send the items back carefully packaged. We have received a number of returns stapled and actually damaged garments to due the packaging. Also overly taped into tight balls means we have to use scissors to get into packaging also proving a risk in damaging the goods.

We thank you for your cooperation on this matter.


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