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Run Forest Run!

Posted on 04 October 2016

Run Forest Run!

There’s nothing like revamping a workout to help fire up your fitness levels! At the Tikiboo HQ we are all about stepping up the intensity of our regular workouts with an outdoor running routine. 



Getting out on the road offers a completely different experience to running on the treadmill at the gym. Here are our top benefits…


Re-charged & refreshed

What is there not to get excited about with a different workout in a change of scenery?!  There is so much to take in when you take your run outdoors, whether you are sprinting around the city or running down the narrow country lanes. If you can get into the rhythm it is easy to switch off and let your mind wander whilst you are in the grove. We like to get a run in first thing in the morning to kick start out day!


Better your body

Working out outdoors is no doubt more taxing on your body – without the natural motion of the treadmill your muscles will have to work harder. Running is a great way to lose body fat and tone up, sculpting your legs and bum!


Burn baby burn!

Running is a highly effective way of burning calories. A comfortable pace of roughly 6mph should burn around 300 calories in 30 minutes making it a great idea for those aiming for weight loss.


Here’s the challenge

It doesn’t matter whether you are an absolute pro or a newbie to the running scene, setting goals and challenges is a key component to ensure you make progress. Most fitness programmes fall through because clearly define goals are not stated from the outset. Why not set yourself a 10K target? Trust me, you will feel incredible when you have crossed that finish line!


Vitamin D boost

Our bodies cannot create Vitamin D which is essential to defend against illness, we need to expose ourselves to sunshine to top up our levels. Therefore, picking up those running shoes and heading outside can help replenish those levels and fend off sickness. Albeit in the UK we may not have too much sunshine – but every little helps!


A natural way to De-stress

When you feel stressed, wound up or simply want to escape, simply head outdoors with your running trainers and let your mind relax and refocus. The scenery can be more stimulating than a gym environment and exercising outdoors can really lift your mood!


Decrease your risk of disease

As we have discussed, running is great to improve your physical appearance and increase energy, however most importantly it can lower your risk of chronic disease, for example Diabetes and Heart Disease.

Win, win! 


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