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Shop Now, Pay Later With Klarna at Tikiboo

Posted on 07 November 2019

Shop Now, Pay Later With Klarna at Tikiboo
At Tikiboo we believe workouts can be enjoyable, that’s why we have teamed up with Klarna to help your shopping experience be enjoyable too! If you haven’t heard about Klarna before, have a quick read of this blog to get all of the important deets…

What is Klarna?

Gone are the days where you would need to wait until payday to purchase your favourite items, now Klarna gives you the opportunity to decide how you’d like to pay for your activewear. That means that at checkout you now get 3 options::
  1. Pay straight away following the usual checkout process
  2. Pay later in 30 days - with this option you can make sure you’re totally happy with your items before ever making a payment.
  3. Pay in 3 instalments - this helps you to break down the costs so that they’re more digestible. No Interest and no charges, just hassle-free payments.

Here’s how Klarna works on Tikiboo:
1. At the checkout simply select Klarna as your payment option
2. You’ll be asked to fill in some simple information and just like when you put in your card details, you’ll know instantly if your payment has been accepted
3 Then, just like that, you’ll receive a confirmation email outlining your purchase, simples!

Some quick things to remember, because transparency is king (unless you’re a pair of Tikiboo leggings, then squat-proof takes a seat on the throne):

  • You’ll never be charged for using Klarna.
  • There are no interest charges, EVER.
  • When you use Klarna, you’ll go through a soft credit check. A soft credit check does not affect your credit score and is strictly between you and Klarna; this is not visible to other lenders.

With Klarna you can slice up your Tikiboo payments like a pizza, or cheese, or a grape, or some bread, or a melon, or your cold cuts! The options are endless (although Family Feud may disagree); to slice is nice!

With Klarna and Tikiboo, you’ve got options! And options are what makes life fun, right? We love celebrating differences, whether those differences be what you wear, how you workout, or how you like to pay, so we hope you’ll love the flexibility that Klarna offers you as much as we do! Your dollar, your way. K?


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