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Stay on track this Christmas

Posted on 08 December 2016

Stay on track this Christmas

We all know that Christmas is a time that involves family, friends and lots of food! But if you have been working really hard on your diet & exercise regime over the past few months, the last thing you want is to un-do all that hard work.

Here are my top tips to stay on track this Christmas…


  • Ditch the Festive Coffee’s

Yes, I agree that these festive lattes may sound and look amazing, but those festive flavours can really stack up the calories- up to 500 at a time! Let’s look closer – A Café Nero Praline Latte contains 11 teaspoons of sugar *EEKK* so rethink your drink when you are tempted to splash out.


  • Stay Hydrated

Make sure you drink water consistently throughout the day – The more hydrated you are, the less hungry you are and therefore it becomes easier to resist those Christmas goodies in the office. Often we mistake thirst for hunger, so ensure you stay hydrated – that’s with water, not wine! ;)



  • Moderation

I know this word is often over used, but I cannot stress enough how important it is. Let’s face it, Christmas is a time to relax a little and unwind whilst enjoying time with our loved ones so if you really fancy that quality street or that slice of cake – go for it but just have the one. Often if we say no we feel deprived and I do not believe in deprivation diets, especially around the festive season! If you have a little bit, then you are less likely to binge and over indulge at a later stage.


  • Pre-party Dinner

If you are heading straight from work to a party and haven’t eaten, you are more likely to devour the whole canape tray before even putting your coat down! Try eating something small before heading out to keep hunger and temptation at bay.


  • Think About Your Drink

Cocktails are really temping don’t get me wrong, however they are usually sugar loaded! Even a peach Bellini contains roughly 160 calories so why not stick to clear spirits or white wine spritzers with soda?! Now I am partial to a good glass of red, however if I am heading to a party I might opt for a vodka & soda with a dash of lime to limit the damage.


  • Walk In The Park

Now my family love a good walk – but it is actually a great idea to help aid digestion and clear your head. So march up those hills or chase the kids around the park and that can help burn off 200-300 calories! Getting out of the house also means you have less time to scoff those chocolates down you and keep your mind occupied on other things.


  • Don’t Ditch The Gym

Just because your routine might have changed and you have some time off work, doesn’t mean your exercise routine has to change. By getting in the gym and really maximising your workouts you will help limit the damage and also help you feel better about yourself mentally.


I hope that helps, but most of all enjoy your Christmas! Feel free to send over any questions and if you are looking to ramp up your progress next year, check out my online training programmes!






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