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Team Tikiboo Q&A: Kirsty Trainor-Wood

Posted on 18 February 2020

Team Tikiboo ambassadors

Meet Team Tikiboo! Kirsty Trainor-Wood is a food and fitness-obsessed mum of 3, who is one of our lovely members of the Team Tikiboo ambassador program. Get to know Kirsty in our Team Tikiboo Q&A below!

My hometown is: I’m from Bromley, Kent, but moved to Eastbourne from Tunbridge Wells in 2014 - I love it here! 🥰

I first heard about Tikiboo when: back in 2016 when I was getting back into running after having my 3rd baby. It must have been around Tikiboo's 1st birthday! 

The thing I love most about Tikiboo is: the bright colours and bold patterns. I love to stand out and be different. I love to express myself with colour 🌈. I also love the Tikiboo Community and how we are all here to support each other. 🥰

My favourite way to keep fit is: Running. I’ve been running for around 9 or 10 years, but a year ago I started the gym. I also love BODYPUMP, RPM and BLAZE, but I’m always a RUNNER at heart! 🏃‍♀‍

Three words that describe me are: Persevering, energetic and outgoing.

A quote I live by is: "don’t be a sheep be unique and don’t worry what people think."

My music taste in one word is: everything! 

People are often surprised that I: have a soon to be 14 year old son (who is also one of my favourite running buddies!) 

My #1 bucket list item is: to run the Virgin London Marathon. I’ve had 9 unlucky ballots. 

The one thing I can’t live without: is my 3 boys. I’m lost when they're not around plus they are brilliant running buddies. The older two love running, and I hope my little one follows.


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