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Tikiboo & The UK Mudd Queens

Posted on 16 November 2017

Tikiboo & The UK Mudd Queens

Tikiboo have joined forces with the UK Mudd Queens to create a beautiful pair of leggings designed to stand out on those muddy obstacle course races.

The UK Mudd Queens are a group of women who encourage other women to take part in Obstacle Course Races (OCRs). Originating as just a Facebook group, we've developed into a HUGE community of supportive women, who constantly build each other up and help each other out! It doesn't matter how old you are, if you're a seasoned obstacle racer or contemplating your first ever OCR, you'll find yourself with 2,000+ new friends. You will always find other MQ's to run with, whatever your ability, and you can bet your bottom dollar (pound doesn't work quite so well, does it?) that whenever you're spotted at a race you won't leave without a few MQ hugs under your belt.

These beauties are squat proof, high-waisted, have a drawcord, AND have a zip!

These are maybe too nice for OCR but what a way to represent!

Thank you to Francesca of Mud is My Makeup for the design assistance!

To get your leggings head over to the UK Mudd Queens site and shop now!


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