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Top 10 Fitness Accessories Everyone Needs

Posted on 18 December 2017



Arguably, you can work out as long as you’ve got a pair of trainers, but these days there are many gadgets and accessories on the market, not only to make you look good and feel good – there are things that actually help you exercise, making it easier. Who doesn’t want that?

We’ve put together our top 10 must-have accessories, just in time for Christmas!


We literally cannot work out without music. It seems that the notes Beyoncé can hit really do motivate us to get our booty moving as quickly – but maybe not as rhythmically – as her. For that, headphones are a must-have.

These days, there’s a whole host of styles to choose from. Opt for in-ear, over-head, plugged in or wireless. There’ll be a style to suit you and they’ll help take your workout to the next level.

Gym Bag

No workout collection would be complete without somewhere to store your workout gear and something to carry your stuff to and from the gym. For that, you’ll need a sturdy and spacious gym bag.


They’re ideal for throwing in your workout clothes and towel, and can even double up as an overnight bag. There’s a whole range out there to choose from, such as rucksacks, holdalls, draw string bags and so on, but thanks to your gym bag now being treated as an extension of your workout look, you can pick these up in a range of designs that complement your style or help you make a statement.

Take a look at Tikiboo’s range of gym bags to brighten up your day and bulk out your Christmas wish list.

An Armband

Providing a snug holder for your phone as you work out, the armband is the perfect stocking filler. If you’re a runner, these are a godsend, as they mean you can listen to music as you’re outside, but they’re also helpful for any workout, meaning you can focus on getting your fitness routine done. With a great playlist, of course.

The design of these armbands has come on a lot since they were introduced years ago. You can now get them to fit any phone make and model. Some come with small pockets for keys or loose change and, thanks to technology, some armbands are designed to be water-resistant (which really means sweat resistant – nice).

A Foam Roller

Not technically an accessory, and one of the hardest items on this list to fit in your stocking, but a foam roller is essential if you’re an avid gym-goer.

We’ve all been there – you’ve got to the gym a little later than you planned, so you dive straight into a workout without properly warming up, and by the time you’ve left everything you’ve got in the weights room, you just want to get home and shower, rather than cool down and stretch.

If this is you, it’s probably a good idea to have a foam roller at home, so you can release tension in your muscles, whatever time of day it is.

Foam rolling is so important for your muscles. Not only that – it can help improve your mobility, reduce stress, increase circulation and reduce DOMs.

Choose from a range of sizes, colours and types – we love the ones with the small ridges, to really get into every nook and cranny.

A Water Bottle

Okay, so you can grab your H2O hit from the water dispenser at the gym, but if you’re like us and you hydrate all the livelong day, you may want a slightly nicer bottle by your side.

You can get thermal ones that keep your water chilled for 24 hours, or you can pick ones up that hold your daily two litres, so you know you can stay on track.

From water bottles with sports lids, screw caps or straws – invest in a bottle and make hitting your daily water target a goal.

A Hat or Headband

Whether you’re repping activewear in your day-to-day or covering up as you beast your workout, a hat or headband is the ultimate accessory.


Hats are a great way to keep your hair off your face when you’re working out, particularly if you don’t want to wash your do after your session – popping on a hat can stop you from constantly touching your hair and making it dirty and sweaty.

It might sound silly, but a hat – particularly a baseball cap – can help to create a little bit of privacy in your workout and help you focus on the task at hand. Other gym-goers are less likely to disturb you if you’re fully in the zone with your hat game on point.

We’ve got baseball caps and beanies to choose from in a range of colours.

A Fitness Tracker

Only the best invention since the watch itself!

They’re the runaway gift of the last couple of years and have soared in popularity thanks to pretty much everyone we know wanting to count their steps.

Thanks to improvements in technology, fitness trackers do a whole lot more than just count your steps though.

Follow your personal bests with a watch that’s keeping an eye on everything you do. Count your steps, track your progress and monitor the calories you’ve torched and the time you’ve spent on particular exercises.

With loads of different types available, and prices ranging from £20 to over £200, you can really find the best one for you and keep completely accountable for your own progress.


These are not just for the bodybuilders of the world. Workout gloves are becoming increasingly popular throughout the gym.

They’ll mainly help keep hand blisters at bay, but they’re also handy for keeping germs at a distance too. If you’re lifting equipment that has been used by loads of people or putting your hands on the floor to do a burpee, gloves provide a thin, but all-important barrier.

Gym Towel

An absolute must when it comes to any gym session, a gym towel is something that should always be in your workout bag.

There is literally nothing worse than standing up off the machine you were using and realising you’ve left a sweat mark behind, before then realising that you don’t have a towel to wipe it down. Actually, we tell a lie. There is something worse – going to use a machine or piece of equipment and realising that the person before you hasn’t wiped it down and you’re about to sit on their sweat. Yuk!

Enter the gym towel. It sounds gross and it sounds like something you can go without. But trust us, you really can’t. With the number of germs and bacteria at the gym, make a gym towel an essential item.

We have the perfect gym towel for you here!


We don’t mean to brag – except we do, because TikiTubes are amazing – but our newest range of running scarfs, known as TikiTubes, just plain rock.


Use them to keep your neck warm on an outdoor run. Or, if you’re not a fan of cardio (preach), these funky little gym accessories also double up as a headband, fashion scarf and a hat.

That’s our top ten! Get these items on your Christmas list and you can start tracking as soon as you open your presents!

For more gift ideas or help and advice on fitness and active wear, check out our blog.



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