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Virtual Training – the newest trend?

Posted on October 05 2018

Virtual Training is a bit of a buzzword at the moment, and it is predicted to be one of the biggest trends in 2019.

Simply put, Virtual Training refers to the fusion of exercise with technology. This could be the virtual workouts you might see playing in your gym on the big screen, or even the workouts you follow on YouTube in your living room.

Virtual training seems to be making its mark in the industry, with Fiit being one of the newest and hottest virtual reality apps on the market, with celebrities such as Binky Felstead from Made in Chelsea endorsing it. Sweat with Kayla (Itsines) is another hugely popular app, that gained popularity in Australia and is now widely used here in the UK.

Virtual training does have its benefits. It can encourage people to exercise from the comfort of their own home if they are just getting started on their fitness journey, or if they want to build their confidence at home before trying out a live class. It can also be a useful tool for those who struggle to make classes before and after work or during the weekend.

One study by the Michigan State University found that participants who took part in virtual training classes at home had improved performance and motivation during their workout. This was because they were following the timing and tempo of the trainer on the screen, who are usually of a higher fitness standard than themselves, making them work harder.

However Virtual Training at home does lack all the social benefits that you would find in a normal exercise class, as you aren’t able to build on the rapport and support of the others around you. Some of the best friendships can be built in an exercise class, or at least you feel a very strong sense of camaraderie during an intense session!

An instructor can also bring energy and motivation into a class, as well as being on hand to correct improper technique and form so that you can avoid running the risk of strain and injury.

We will be following the trend closely going forward – there are both pros and cons to virtual training and for us any exercise is better than no exercise and it doesn’t matter how you choose to achieve your activity goals!  


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