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  • Welcome To The Team Stephanie Knapp

    Sep 15 2015

    Tikiboo are pleased to announce new sponsored athlete, Crossfit competitor Stephanie Knapp.   Here is a little about Stephanie. "“I’m ...

  • Zucchini Brownies

    Sep 01 2015

    So I have been trying to get a little more creative in the kitchen lately. I am a big advocate of variety in anyone’s diet to avoid bor...

  • Do you HAVE to have something SWEET after a meal?

    Aug 15 2015

      As you all probably know by now I LOVE sweet things… Are you in the post-lunch and dinner sweet club too? Hello...I hear you! Welcome ...

  • I HATE The Word Diet!

    Aug 10 2015

      Hi everyone! I am always hearing people moaning about the fact that they haven’t stuck to their diet etc. which is not a big shock ...

  • Are you confused by the best “diet”?

    Jul 14 2015

    Don’t worry – you are not alone! One minute you read that gluten is a no no, the next it’s dairy. Then red meat is the devil and eating...