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Out Of This World Gym Bag


This planet print gym bag is one of a kind. Featuring an Out Of This World Tikiboo print in purples, blues and pinks, it’s the stand-our way to carry your kit. Throw in your trainers, towel, leggings and top and you’ll find that there's still room to spare in this spacious space and planet gym bag.

Approved as hand luggage, why not take your planet print bag around the world for quicker check-ins and to add a quirky pop of personality to your outfit. Inside you’ll find a handy pocket for smaller items, and the external front pouch makes finding your keys and gym pass simple and fast.

The base is protected by the addition of studs so you can use this space and planet backpack indoors or outdoors without any fear.

Featuring the Tikiboo Sports logo, this retro planet print co-ordinates beautifully with our Galaxy activewear collection.

Studs protect the base of the bag from wet surfaces, dirt and scrapes so it stays clean and dry for longer.

Dimensions: 45 x 25 x 30 cm