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Yellow Ombré Long Sleeved Compression Top



If winter training gives you the chills, snuggle into our eye-catching base layer top cut from beautiful Yellow Ombré fabric. Close-fitting yet breathable, rise to those frosty mornings like a boss.

Even on the coldest days, the cosy thermal fleece lining will warm you up and maintain an optimum body temperature, so you can run or rep to the max. The 360-degree stretch LYCRA fabric with flat-lock seams enhances comfort and the thumb holes keep your sleeves firmly in place.

Wear alone or under a T-shirt or hoody - either way you'll be snug and stylish!
We also have co-ordinating Leggings, Capri and Sports bra in the same stunning Yellow Ombré design.

  • 360-degree stretch LYCRA®  fleece fabric
  • 85% Polyester 15% Spandex
  • Stretchy breathable fabric with 12-15mmHg Compressing power
  • UPF50+ for ultimate sun protection
  • Ideal for cold climate environments 
  • Flat-lock seams for maximum comfort and to limit chafing
  • Anatomically and ergonomically designed for improved circulation and recovery whilst training