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Glutetastic Valentine's Buns on Fire Saturday Workout

Posted on 14 February 2015

Good day to you my little fitties! After a night at CrossFit last night playing dodge ball for a warm up us ladies decided that our ideal bum was 2 dodge balls wedged down our funky leggings. This has since led to us frantically researching the best glute exercises to help us get our bikini bodies ready for the summer.

So today we hit the gym and focused completely on glute and leg exercises and this resulted in us stumbling out the door down the stairs with out little butts feeling tight and like we totally kicked ass!

What did we do? We got out some weights and we hit it hard with the following workout which we aptly named "Glutetastic Saturday"

5 sets of each of the following:

5x Sumo box Squats 35kg barbell

5x Stiff leg deadlifts 40kg

Weighted lunge walks 15kg plate above head (2 lengths = 1 set 5 sets =10 lengths)

5x Good morning sirs 25kg

If you fancy a challenging working and have access to some weights or alternatively kettlebells then give this little beast a try and get those glutes firing!


Faye @ Tikiboo


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