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My top tips to add more fibre into your meals

Posted on 05 July 2015

Here are my top tips to add more fibre into your meals: 

  • Add flaxseeds to oats, smoothies, yogurt, and baked goods—a two-tablespoon serving contains 3.8 grams of fibre and a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids.
  • While spinach, celery and carrots aren’t as high in fibre as the veggies mentioned above, they can easily be sliced or grated and snuck into many dishes without much hassle. Try adding some spinach to banana bread, shakes, eggs, or even a yummy homemade pizza Or I always roast a big batch of celery and carrots with rock salt and rosemary and have them in the fridge for the week!
  • Cauliflower & broccoli – YUCK… I know what you are thinking! I don’t enjoy eating these vegetables on their own so I have come up with a way I actually love eating them! Use 200g frozen broccoli and 250g frozen cauliflower, microwave until soft. Put in a blender with some garlic, salt & pepper, 30g low fat cheese and 2 egg whites… Mould into balls and bake for about 20 minutes! Again, I make a big match of these and have them as my “go to” in the fridge to add to a meal.

What do you do to add more fibre into your meals? Tag me! @Luciecolt

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