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Fitbit Charge HR Review

Posted on 17 September 2015

I have been toying with the idea of investing in a tracker for a while but with so many different types on the market it was like a minefield of information. I have had different ones in the past but never an all in one version with a built in heart rate monitor.

The first one I had was a polar watch but this needed a chest strap for the heart rate monitor which was never that comfortable to wear during a sweaty class. I then got myself a Nike fuel band but it turned but that this was only good for tracking steps or if you are a runner as it heavily relied on arm motion. One time I did a spinning class, it was an hour long and I literally drenched the floor with sweat I worked that hard! According to my fuel band though I burnt 35 calories! It was also not very good when lifting weights or doing Bikram yoga as it just couldn’t work out what I was doing.

I started shopping around and asking various people what they have and decided on the Fitbit Charge HR, it seemed to fit everything that I needed from a tracker. It has a heart rate monitor built in, counts steps, calories, flights of stairs, distance and sleep patterns. Compared to a lot of the other models on the market this seemed great value for money @ £119 and with its sleek design I knew it was something I could comfortably wear on my wrist without it annoying me, some of them are so bulky!!

I ordered direct from Fitbit and it arrived next day. It was really easy to set up and within minutes I had it strapped to my wrist frantically checking it every 5 mins to see if my heart rate had changed or how many miles I had clocked up pacing around my house.

The band links to your phone or laptop, you can download the Fitbit app from the play store or itunes. Within the app you can set you our goals whether they are calories, number of steps, weight loss or hours active you just customise it to achieve what you want to get out of it. You can also add friends and family and send each other little challenges and cheer each other on!

I have since found a website bounts that you can sync your device with and you earn points for steps, you can link it to yor facebook and twitter account and turn the points into credits. This could be in the form of Nike vouchers. you can join here and use the referral code “louise692” this will give you extra points, and what do points make? That’s right prizes (I guess some of you are too young to understand that, must stop showing my age)

One of the great features on this Fitbit is that you can wear it whilst you sleep, it has a programme that monitors your sleep pattern and quality of sleep. It will tell you the periods of time where you were in deep sleep and the times where you were disturbed or woken up through the night. As much as I thought I get pretty good sleep I was surprised to see that I wake up several times and had 17 periods of disruption last night alone!

So to summarise, the Fitbit Charge HR, sleek light design in a choice of colours and sizes, does exactly what it claims to and seems to be pretty accurate. It has certainly got me challenging myself more. You can use for all elements of fitness and track your way to a cleaner leaner you.

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