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Do You Get Anxious Eating Out?

Posted on 06 December 2015

Thank you to Lucie Colt our guest blogger:

Ok guys so time to address another issue that I faced for a long time… Eating out. Now for those of you seriously watching what you eat, or even prepping for a show – eating out can actually make you very anxious.

Personally I became so obsessed with knowing exactly what was in my food, how much of it, tracking it that I use to face mental torture when it came to heading out to eat. I use to get worried that it would ruin my progress but I would go and then beat myself up about it afterwards as I would feel so guilty, usually punishing myself with cardio. I personally know a lot of people that struggle with the same issue, especially if they have competed before.

The fitness industry is responsible for perpetuating the ludicrous theory that there are certain foods that are conducive to fat loss. This therefore encourages you to avoid these foods when actually all this does is promote restrictive eating patterns and poor relationships with food.

So instead of looking at “good foods” and “bad foods” I prefer to look at it as “nutrient dense foods” & “foods that aren't so nutrient dense”. When you understand the science behind nutrition it is possible to incorporate flexibility and variety into our plans – hence the term “flexible dieting”. I'd encourage you to consume the majority of your calories from nutrient dense foods of course, but we can choose to get our energy from those other foods or 'bad foods' on occasion… JUST LIKE WE CAN EAT OUT on occasion.

Eating out with friends or grabbing lunch to go shouldn't drive you to feelings of guilt, anxiousness or worry. WHY? Every day your body requires a certain amount of protein, carbs & fats (based on your goals, activity levels, current body composition etc.) to function & progress. If you wish to choose to get some of those daily requirements from a meal you haven't prepared, then personally I believe that it is more than ok, and that it is life!

Life is too short to avoid social occasions & miss out on the good times because you're worried that it will affect your progress. I'm a firm believer in teaching people how to eat according to their goals, whilst allowing for FLEXIBILITY. This ultimately leads to sustainability and tadaahhhh… no fad dieting!

I want to educate. I want to show you that you CAN have your cake & eat it too - LITERALLY. If you don't have a coach and are considering getting one then always opt for one that is happy to explain the WHY component.

If you have a question as to why your coach is telling you to do something, they should be able to ANSWER it. So go ahead - ask away! As a coach myself I LOVE QUESTIONS! So even if you are not looking for a coach or to work together, still ask away and I can try my best to pass on whatever advice I can.






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