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How to Choose the Right Workout Clothes

Posted on 01 April 2018

How to Choose the Right Workout Clothes



Exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and the good news is that there are hundreds of ways to fit some kind of activity into your lifestyle (hurrah!). Some people build this into everyday life, combining exercise with tasks such as walking the dog (as if you needed an excuse to get a dog) or playing a few rounds of golf, while others prefer more obvious workout routines and choose to go running, do aerobics or join a yoga class.


One key point they all share, however, is the importance of choosing the right clothes for the activity planned. And it just so happens that we’re pretty well versed in dressing head to toe in the right workout clothes.


Why Does Choosing the Right Clothes to Work Out in Matter?


This is not about having all the gear and no idea. Quite simply, you need clothes that are fit for purpose: few people would actively choose to play golf in high heels or eat spaghetti with chopsticks (though we’re definitely going to go and try that right after this!), because we know that although neither would be physically impossible, the chances of frustration and possibly even injury (as well as the hysterical fail) are much higher than they need to be.


Active workout clothes deserve the same level of planning and thought, as they need to keep you comfortable and confident, while also helping you to achieve the best results possible. This may sound like a tall order but it's actually a pretty simple art to master, providing you keep a few crucial points in mind.


Fast Moving/High Impact Workouts


For women, the first priority is to choose a decent sports bra (amiright?!) which will offer essential support. Some styles are designed for general or low impact physical activity such as yoga; others offer more structure for high impact activities such as jogging, so choosing the right one is obviously important.


Beginners may be tempted to try exercising in baggy sweatpants and a cotton T-shirt, and while rocking the boyfriend look is high up on our agenda when we’re at home, neither is actually a good choice for any kind of genuine workout for several important reasons.


Picking gym leggings that are correctly fitting are actually safer when either moving around in a dance or aerobics class, or using equipment such as running machines and stationary bikes, as wide legged, ill-fitting bottoms can get caught in the mechanics or become a trip hazard. They are also more likely to chafe on the seams and retain sweat which, in turn, can irritate the skin – which is a solid no from us.




Look for activewear made specifically with exercise in mind, like the range we offer (woop cheeky product plug). Funky leggings not only look good but they are made from materials which include polypropylene which wick sweat away from skin, keeping you funky and fresh, as well as comfortable, through the hardest of workouts.


Lower Impact Workouts

If you’re a yogi, chances are, you’ve got different priorities with the need for well-fitting but very flexible workout clothes that will aid rather than restrict movement. Tikiboo's leggings come in two waist height options, together with a discreet drawstring tie so whatever position you get into you can be sure your clothes will stay securely with you. If hot yoga is your thing then there are shorts on offer too, made from the same flexible and sweat resistant fabric.


All Workouts

So while you’re thinking about whether to go full-length leggings or ¾ length, and long-sleeve top or vest, don’t forget one of the most crucial clothing decisions: trainers.




Having the right footwear for your workout can transform (or hinder) your session. You may think that all you need is a pair of trainers to get started with working out – and in theory, that’s kind of true – but when it comes down to it, trainers really are designed for different needs. So, if you’re going to spend lots of time running, invest in proper running trainers and if you’re about to join the CrossFit cult, invest in the right trainers for the workout. Trust us, this is not a decision you should take lightly.


The Secret to Success

The key to a successful workout is two-fold. To start with you need to feel excited and confident about actually doing it, but equally important is that you get the absolute most out of every workout that you possibly can. The key to both is choosing the right clothing, from underwear through to shoes. Looking good means feeling good, but you also need to be safe, comfortable, and able to move freely and flexibly.


Your choice of workout outfits will shape your success, so make sure those decisions are wise ones.


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