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Workout Of The Day: Keeping Fit On Lockdown

Posted on 19 March 2020

Workout Of The Day: Keeping Fit On Lockdown

As many of us are now in isolation, it would be really good for us to share home workouts and videos. If anyone has any good workouts post them in the comments and let's get sharing! It is crucial at this time that we keep active and keep our spirits up.

My workout of the day is called: Deck Of Cards


If you have a pack of cards, give them a good shuffle and allocate each suit an exercise, for example:

Hearts = Air squats
Diamonds = Sit-ups
Clubs = Burpees
Spades = Press Ups

For every card you turn over you complete the exercise allocated plus the number of reps, ie 10 of Hearts will be 10 air squats. 6 of Clubs is 6 burpees and so on...

Ace = 1
Jack = 10
Queen = 11
King = 12
Joker = 13

Work your way through the pack until all exercises have been completed.
The work out takes about 25 minutes or so.

There's no rush, just work through at your own pace to complete your exercises.

Let us know how you get on!


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