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The Best Fitness Retreats You Need to Go On

Posted on 27 February 2018




If you’re feeling bogged down by the humdrum, mundane nine-to-five life and are looking for an escape or are struggling to get back on that workout wagon, investing a little time and money into a fitness treat might be the way to slam your fitness goals and get a holiday at the same time.


Perhaps you need to dedicate some real time to just you…

Types of Retreat

There are a range of retreats available ­– some UK-based, some abroad – but all have one thing in common and that’s helping you to feel your best by the end, whatever ‘your best’ means for you.


What Types of Fitness Retreat Are Available?


Helping you to rid your body of the toxins from day-to-day life and learn new habits, a detox holiday is an intense way to help you lose a little weight and restart your body. You’ll leave clear-headed and energised.


With workouts at the forefront of a fitness retreat, you’ll be put through your paces with a range of different exercises happening throughout the day. You’ll leave stronger and with a great idea of the types of exercise you can do to achieve your fitness goals.


Taking a similar approach to the other retreats, a wellness retreat will focus on slowing down and healing the body, mind and spirit with a holistic approach to improving your wellbeing.


What Are the Best Retreats to Go On?

Here is a top-five selection of our favourite fitness retreats. They range in price, but a little ‘treat yo self’ never hurt anybody.




The Transformative Bootcamp – Ibiza

Fly to the white isles of Ibiza and embark on a transformation like no other. You’ll experience a mixture of HIIT training and nutrient-filled food, along with expert coaching and professional trainers. Finish your day of sweating and sculpting your body with a dip in the Mediterranean Sea to help unwind.


The Healthy Nutrition Retreat – Spain

If you want to focus a little more on your food, rather than fitness, you’ll enjoy time spent at the first macrobiotic wellness resort. This is the idyllic location where you can learn healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Leave with a spring in your step, a glow in your skin and a healthy approach to nutrition. This retreat also does ‘sleep-well holidays’. Where do we sign up?


Wildfitness Food and Fit Retreat – Greece

Set in an eco-village on Crete, this is one for lovers of the outdoors. This retreat gets you climbing, running and jumping. You’ll learn lots about food too, with workshops about where food is grown and expert insight into how it can impact your body.


Yoga Season Experience – France

Yoga in the alps? Come on, guys… what could be better? (apart from being head-to-toe in Tikiboo clothes – duh!).

You won’t be expected to partake in all-day yoga inversions, but you will be able to dip in and out of yoga sessions throughout your stay. The rest can be spent relaxing and switching off in the spa or tucking into freshly prepared, healthy foods. The Alps are your backdrop – it’s the ideal way to switch off and focus on you and your body.


Kick-Start Health Retreat Weekend – Somerset

Set in our very own country, the kick-start weekend is a great way to… yup, you guessed it… kick-start your health and fitness journey. By putting happiness and health at the forefront of your stay, you’ll enjoy high-end workout facilities and meal plans to help you dip a toe into healthy living. As this retreat is pretty much on your doorstep, you can maximise your time here – don’t forget to find some time to relax too. After all, that’s important for a holistic approach to health and wellness.




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