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Tiki Points

Sign up for Tiki Points at the bottom of the page, earn points when you complete activities, refer a friend and redeem rewards!

Just to cover any points that we can think of:

I have spent loads in the past but haven’t got an account, I checked out as a guest can I backdate points?

If you sign up to an account through the loyalty program this will add 200 points for account creation, once the account is in place we will be doing weekly imports of all existing customers and adding their points based on the tier system

Bronze- Customers that have spent up to £249 will be automatically given 250 points to get you started.
Silver- For spends of £250- £499 will get 500 points.
Gold - Customers that have spent over £500 will receive 1000 points to get you started

How do I spend my points?

You will be able to see the rewards available to you in your rewards tab, you can either save these up for a bigger discount or use them as you go. To click redeem on the reward a code will be generated and you will be able to copy and paste this into your cart at checkout.

Can I use the points with another discount code?

No the points system is your discount code and cannot be used in conjunction with other codes or offers. So you will need to select whether you wish to use your code or the existing one (ie student discount) and which will benefit you most. Equally if we are running sale weekends ie Black Friday the discounts will be generated automatically by the website so if you wish to opt for using your code you must select “ use a different code” at checkout.

I have already liked your Facebook page can I have the points backdated?

Unfortunately cannot do this, this is for new customer generation only.

How does the referral program work?

You will be allocated a code link and can share this on social or via email with your friends. As soon as someone makes a purchase using your code then the points will be added to your account.

Will my points be deducted if I return an item?

Our points have a 14 day approval process on purchases so provided the item is not returned the points will be allocated to your account. If however the goods are returned the points will be cancelled and not allocated to you.

How many Points do I get per purchase?

You will receive 5 points for every £1 spent so if you spend £100 you will receive 500 points etc Any purchases made from 16/10/17 onwards are now eligible to start building points on their accounts.

Will I get more perks if on a higher tier?

We will be rewarding our higher tier customers with special offers, double points specials etc and first choice on new items so it is definitely worth being on the higher tier. You will automatically move up to the next tier when you reach that spending point.

How long do points last?

Our points have a 12 month expiry on them so they must be used within a year of being allocated.

I have 2 accounts can I merge the points?

We cannot merge accounts, your points will automatically be generated per account so you can continue to use both accounts or opt to switch to 1 but we cannot combine account points.

Where is the rewards program on your site?

If you look in bottom left corner of the site it says Tiki Points, this is where all your information is stored, you will need to log in or sign up an account to use the program.

Any other questions feel free to message below and we will add to this as we go along.

We hope that you find this rewarding!